About Us

Cate and D.J. Robertson live, work, and launder in Washington, D.C.

Cate works full-time at raising her childryn to become independent-thinkers and advocates for change. She also volunteers at a local squirrel community garden, where she grows organic produce for urban squirrels.

D.J. fights the industrialization of life that has made us less healthy and less happy. He is working to reclaim the things, like doing laundry by hand, that corporations have stolen from us. In his spare time, he works as a database architect at a Fairfax, VA, defense contractor that provides cloud storage and processing solutions.

Cate and D.J. first became involved in the Slow Laundry movement after watching the critically acclaimed documentary “The Washing Machine,” which explores the explosive ideas laid out by John Sage in his book Truth and Lyes: The Slow Laundry Revolution. Walking home from the GW University theater where the film was screened, they made a solemn oath to return to a more natural and authentic way of doing laundry, and to share their journey with the world.


Probably the most important thing to know about Cate and D.J. is that they are made-up.

This site was actually created by Kate and J.D. Dobson. We are not made-up, except in the sense that all of us construct our identities through narrative, imagined communities, and selective memory.

We are the co-authors of Hottest Heads of State, Volume 1: The American Presidents, to be published by Henry Holt & Co. in January, 2018. To learn more about us and/or to subject yourself to more of our writing, visit our main site at http://www.hottestheadsofstate.com.