Noah, I want you to build an ark. (Part 3)

Part 1Part 2

By D.J.

So, it turns out that the well I dug in our backyard was actually drawing water from a water main that runs under our house. (More specifically, I broke through the water main.)

There is good news here and bad news.

The good news is that I totally succeeded in digging a functioning, productive well.

The good news is also that my next-door neighbor Noah had expressed a lot of skepticism that I’d be able to dig a well, and his house is downhill from ours. So when my well started to overflow into my yard, most of the water drained into his house! It sure was poetic justice seeing the guy who two days earlier had said “D.J., you CANNOT dig a well in your yard” frantically trying to bail well water out of his basement. I dunno, Noah, I guess I CAN dig a well in my yard, can’t I?

Indoor pool

I assume this is what Noah’s basement looks like now.

The bad news is that Cate and I have to pay a gigantic fine to the DC government for digging without a permit. That means we’ve had to cancel the trip to Hawaii we’d been planning, so Cate is annoyed at me. But the way I see it, it’s basically like we already got to take a trip, but to the past, where people dug wells by hand and drew their water straight from the earth. So, you’re welcome for getting to take a vacation to the past, Cate.

Hawaiian sunset

This is the kind of lame vacation I saved us from.


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