Digging my own hole. (Part 1)

by D.J.

It’s been bothering me lately that whenever we do laundry, we’re just filling up the washtub with tap water from a garden hose. I like to picture myself doing laundry like my ancestors did. But it’s hard to do that when I’m uncoiling a hose and turning on a nozzle, filling the tub with water that came from some sort of water treatment plant where they scrubbed all the life out of it. I might as well be buying a couple cases of bottled water at Sam’s Club!

Map to river

So I’ve decided to make a change and start getting our water more naturally. Unfortunately, Cate thinks we live too far from the river to get our washwater there. It’s less than a half-hour walk, but Cate grew up in the suburbs so I guess that’s a big deal to her. I’d do it myself, but sometimes guys on the street mess with me, whereas with Cate they just whistle at her and ask her to smile. I swear, it’s like she lives in Disney cartoon. We should all be so lucky!

So with the river out, I feel like I’ve only got one option–I’m going to dig a well in our backyard. I bought a pickaxe and shovel at Home Depot, and I’m going to start digging this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Apparently my wife is too much of a princess to carry a tub of water from the Anacostia River every morning.



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