Laundry Swap!? (Part 2)

by D.J. 

We just wrapped up our second week as Laundry Swap! participants.

Laundry Swap! is a not-for-profit that connects slow launderers for long-distance laundry exchanges through the mail. It’s like having a pen pal, except instead of reading about an exotic stranger’s faraway life, you’re hand-washing their clothes. So, amazing idea, right?

Unfortunately, so far it’s been a little disappointing.

Laundry Swap!’s member guidelines say “Doing laundry is a luxurious journey that should be savored and enjoyed. So don’t rush it – but at the same time, remember that your laundry swap partner probably does need their clothes back at some point.” I totally agree with that, but especially the last part.

Knit diaper

Hand-washing woolen diapers isn’t an experience we were willing to keep to ourselves.

Our son wears cloth diapers, which my wife Cate knitted out of angora yarn. (He has sensitive skin, probably a holdover from when we were using commercial detergent.) Each diaper takes a few weeks for Cate to knit (she hasn’t really gotten the hang of it), so we only have six diapers total. That means we have to wash them every day. But our swap partner has only been washing them every TWO or THREE days. Buddy, if you don’t want to hand-wash dirty diapers every day, what are you even DOING in the slow laundry movement?

So, I’ve emailed Laundry Swap! and asked for a partner who appreciates the importance of doing laundry daily. We’ll see what happens.

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